Historic transfer to OM, he lets out a big rant


This winter, OM broke their record for a transfer by dropping €32m, bonus included, for Vitinha who landed from Braga. A “fad price” as L’EQUIPE en Une wrote. But that does not please Rolland Courbis at all, who justifies the investment of the Marseille club for this recruitment.

Reschool beaten! On the occasion of the winter transfer window, theOM broke his transfer record by dropping €32m to recruit Vitinha coming from Braga. For THE TEAMit is even a “ fad price “. But it does not please at all Rolland Courbis who pushes a big rant to defend the investment of theOM.

Courbis rebels against the front page of L’Equipe

Yesterday, I saw on the front page of the newspaper l’Equipe: “Vitinha un prix de fada”. If I was a little offended because this term, I’ve known it since I was little. I who am a dunce in terms of education, I left school at fifteen, I’m still not going to give a lesson in accounting to whoever wrote that. I will explain to him all the same that a transfer is the age of the player, the duration of the contract, the salary, the price of the transfer. If we only take the price of the transfer, obviously, you can make comparisons. The one that has been for me the highest transfer and at the same time the most catastrophic is that of Strootman “, explains the former coach of theOM at the microphone of RMC before continuing.

“Vitinha is a good idea”

He arrived with a five-year contract and 700,000 euros in salary per month. But for the team, the salary who cares, it’s not money, the salary. I even read a few times that this or that player was free. We confuse free and free because it is at the end of the contract. The guy is free but when he takes a signing bonus that replaces his transfer, I don’t call that being free. So, Vitinha, he is 22 years old, he signed four and a half years. You take the 25 million plus the 7 million which make 32 of this Scandalous figure in the period we are going through. This is the record that was broken with, it seems, Longoria in difficulty who will play his place as president. But he will play his place as president with a 22-year-old who signed for four and a half years and a quarter of Strootman’s salary. The exaggeration record, the bullshit is not Vitinha, it’s Strootman. Vitinha is a good idea! », adds Rolland Courbis.

Historic transfer to OM, he lets out a big rant 24hfootnews.

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