Here’s the latest on Roxanne Perez’s status for NXT Stand and Deliver



After she successfully defended her NXT Women’s title against Meiko Satomura on Mar. 7, WWE ran an angle which saw Roxanne Perez pass out and be taken to the hospital.

Reports followed that that angle was cover for some real medical issue or concern WWE’s doctors had about the 21 year old star (and reports followed that one saying it was just an angle). NXT head honcho Shawn Michaels then announced a Women’s title Ladder Match for April 1’s Stand & Deliver Premium Live Event that might or might not include Perez. Two wrestlers qualified for that match last Tuesday, and two more qualifiers are set for tonight (Mar. 21).

Will Roxanne be in the match? We still don’t know for sure, but according to Dave Meltzer’s latest update on Wrestling Observer Radio, she could be. That’s because, whatever was causing the concern for Perez’s health, WWE’s medical team has cleared her to return to action.

Still no word on what the issue was, just that it wasn’t an injury and that further evaluation and testing produced a “good report”. Perez is now available to return to work, and Meltzer’s sources indicated to him that she’ll “be worked back into storylines“, possibly as soon as tonight.

Indication are the Stand & Deliver Ladder Match would involve four wrestlers. Will they add the champ as a fifth, or have her take one of the original spots by being adding to and winning one of this week’s qualifiers? They could also opt to hold her out until after WrestleMania weekend’s PLE and keep a big “unification” match in their pockets for a future show, but whoever’s talking to Meltzer doesn’t seem to think that’s the case.

Join us in our live blog tonight to see what they do, and join us now in breathing a sign of relief that the young phenom has a clean bill of health.

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