“He strokes his lower abdomen”: Le Graët still overwhelmed


Despite his resignation from the presidency of the FFF, Noël Le Graët is nonetheless at the heart of serious business. He is notably accused of moral and sexual harassment. Players’ agent, Sonia Souid had already sounded the alarm about the behavior of Le Graët and this Thursday, she gave a layer about what she experienced.

Under pressure, Noel Le Graet ended up resigning from his position as president of the FFF. If everything had started from its skid on Zinedine Zidanehe was subsequently burdened with other cases, including accusations of moral and sexual harassment. Sonia Souid, players’ agent, then swung on Le Graët. Passing by this Thursday at the microphone of France Infoshe swung again about who joined the FIFA office in Paris.

“He takes off his suit jacket, unbuttons his shirt…”

He offered to introduce me to Brigitte Henriques, in charge of the development of women’s football. I arrive at the Parisian home of Mr. Le Graët around 6:30 p.m., 7 p.m., two glasses of champagne were served. I start the appointment because Brigitte Henriques does not arrive. I expose all my ideas, I don’t touch my glass of champagne but he drinks several and that seems to disinhibit him. He takes off his suit jacket, unbuttons his shirt, he’s slumped on the sofa, he spreads his legs, is more and more disheveled and caresses his lower abdomen. This is the image I have of the president of the FFF “, recalled Sonia Souid of an appointment with Noel Le Graet.

“The harassment lasted for several years”

These are not normal gestures in a professional meeting. (…) He did not sexually assault me, never touched me, never restrained me by force, but the harassment lasted several years. He continued to call me very regularly, always to invite me to dinner. He’s a skilful person who leaves no traces added the player agent.

“He strokes his lower abdomen”: Le Graët still overwhelmed 24hfootnews.

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