“He is offline”


The Lyon coach is criticized from all sides for having minimized the slippages of his new recruit, Dejan Lovren.

This is a problem that Olympique Lyonnais would have done well without. Especially in this period when sports results are not at all at the rendezvous. The Rhone club has secured the services of a footballer with dubious values, in the person of Dejan Lovren. And instead of recognizing it, the club and its trainer gave in to the policy of the ostrich. An attitude that goes very badly with the media, but also and especially with organizations that fight the far right and also homophobia.

White refused to convict Lovren

The Croatian defender is criticized for singing nationalist songs, performing Nazi gestures and also insulting the LGBT + community through a video. This did not prevent OL from signing him this winter, nor did it prevent Laurent Blanc from coming to his aid.

Thursday at a press conference, and in a very awkward way, the Cevenol sought to distinguish between the player and the man. “Me, I look at the athlete. I cannot answer for him. And you (journalists), you only know respectable people around you,” he said.

White called to “wake up”

Words that scandalized more than one. Julien Pontes, spokesperson for the Rouge Direct collective, stepped up in the columns of Le Parisien to denounce the complacency of the President. “Laurent Blanc cannot remain so disconnected from this issue which creates climates of violence. He can’t say he’s just a football player. Besides, why did he also declare that he is a good family man? It doesn’t stand up! We must wake up! “.

Lovren arrives in Lyon on January 6 or 7. A coming that is likely to be very agitated. Blanc may have expressed the wish that we limit ourselves to the sporting side and that we only talk about that, this affair is certainly only in its infancy. And OL’s radio silence only accentuates the unease.

“He is offline” 24hfootnews.

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