“He is my next target”, Platini responds cash to Mbappé


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Kylian Mbappé announced the color. The PSG player wants to overtake Michel Platini in the ranking of the top scorers of the France team. At 24, he is only three lengths from the former boss of UEFA, who wanted to answer him through his great friend, Jacques Vendroux. And the 1984 European champion proved to be a good player.

Author of a double and a decisive pass against the Netherlands last Friday (4-0), Kylian Mbappe continues its march forward. Since his debut in 2017, the player of the PSG scored 38 goals and is only three behind Michel Platini. ” It’s an honor but it’s also the next target to shoot down. Platini remains a legend of French football but I want to continue my journey and it goes through Michel Platini” has warned Mbappe at a press conference.

Platini drops his answer to Mbappé

great friend of Michel Platini, Jacques Vendroux discussed with him the statements of Mbappe. Here is his response. ” Michel Platini, first of all, loves the Mbappé player very much. Secondly, it’s true that I spoke to him on the phone a while ago, it’s true that I told him, “you’re Mbappé’s next target”, he told me “he no problem, he beats my record. If he beats my record, it’s because he scores goals and if he scores goals, it’s in the best interest of the French football team, that suits me very well. » said the journalist.

“Michel is not at all embittered”

Michael Platini holds no grudges and prioritizes‘French team. “ Knowing him for so long, I can tell you that Michel is not bitter at all, he is happy for the French football team. Whether it’s Mbappé, so much the better, whether it’s another player, so much the better too. Him, it’s the interest of the shirt, it’s the interest of the France team “he declared at the microphone ofEurope 1.

“He is my next target”, Platini responds cash to Mbappé 24hfootnews.

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