He ignited the transfer window, his transfer is set at €1bn


Could Erling Braut Haaland end up dropping his bags at Real Madrid? His representative Rafaela Pimenta has not closed the door to a departure for Spain for the Manchester City striker, but the price will have to be paid.

From spring 2021 to spring 2022, Erling Braut Haaland was one of the most sought-after players on the transfer market. As is currently the case with Jude bellinghamthe Borussia Dortmund had in its ranks a nugget to turn the heads of the biggest teams in Europe. Finally, while the PSG or even the Real Madrid were in line, Haaland chose Manchester City where his father alfInge evolved during his playing career and where he made the heyday of Pep Guardiola. Since the disappearance of Mino Raiola, Rafaela Spicy looks after the interests ofHaaland and dodged a possible possibility of Haaland joining the Real Madrid before City to AS. “Real Madrid? I can’t talk about that, I’m a lawyer (laughs).

“There hasn’t been a single time where a player said ‘I want to go’ and couldn’t do it”

Afterwards, Rafaela Pimenta claimed thatErling Braut Haaland had control over his future. “I will answer in general. I have done all the contracts for this agency for the past 25 years. Everyone. There hasn’t been a single time where a player said ‘I want to go’ and couldn’t do it”. A big rumor has been circulating on the transfer market for several weeks, namely the possible existence of a €150m release clause present in the contract ofHaaland at Manchester City and which would be effective in the summer of 2024. What Spicy responded : “It’s hard to answer that. If I don’t tell him anything, he’ll misunderstand. If I tell him anything, he will also be interrogated. So I prefer not to say anything.. The representative of‘Erling Braut Haaland therefore kicked on the subject of the clause in question.

Haaland’s representative does not close the door to Spain and talks about a €1bn transfer

However, when the future transfer ofErling Braut Haaland takes place, the club in question will have to be ready to complete an operation that will go down in history: €1 billion. “We made Pogba at 80 million and everyone said… It’s incredible! Today, many are worth it. The top is Neymar’s 222… The numbers change. For me, Haaland is worth 1,000 million. Maybe no one is going to pay for that, but that’s the potential he has when he comes to a club. With it comes fans, goals, sports results, professionalism, digital content, notoriety, sponsors… If you put all of that together, its value is an aggregate of many things. But the price of a footballer is actually set by a club. I know that nobody is going to pay 700 million for a player, but I am very clear that the value that Erling brings when he arrives at a club is immense, at least 1,000 million”. A transfer to Spain? Rafaela Spicy is not against. “My hope is that you are always happy wherever you are. And today he is very happy at City. Tomorrow, we will have to think about it. It’s not positive for a footballer to play one season thinking about the next. It’s like you start thinking about your next wife on your wedding day (laughs). Today, Haaland is married”.

He ignited the transfer window, his transfer is set at €1bn 24hfootnews.

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