“He has no value, he is dishonest! This player settles his accounts with a known coach


A player who passed through Lille made very vehement remarks towards one of his former coaches.

If Julian Palmieri has started a new life as a consultant, the former Bastiais has lost none of his outspokenness. He notably gave a long interview to the YouTube channel Oh My Goal. It is about the strongest moments of his career. And Palmieri did not hesitate to scratch certain people he met during his life as a footballer, including Franck Passi.

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Now Laurent Blanc’s assistant at Olympique Lyonnais, Passi managed Palmieri when he was number 1 in Lille. And the least we can say is that the defender does not have good memories of this collaboration. Palmieri notably recounted a sad episode, castigating the attitude of the technician after the death of his mother.

“He even made fun of me”

I didn’t have time to grieve. My mom died on Tuesday. I went there (in Corsica) on Wednesday and in the afternoon, they call me to tell me that Franck Béria is injured and that they have no one in left back. They asked me if I could play, that is, miss my mom’s funeral. I am a soldier and I must meet the expectations of my superior, it is my way of thinking.»

I played this match (against Montpellier, editor’s note) and I was very good. I ended up crying.” he continued. “From there, he put me in the stands and did not make me play again. He never gave me any explanations. For me, this guy has no value (…) Recently, I received two emails requesting an interview, to provide information on Franck Passi. I replied that nothing good would come out of my mouth about this man because he is not honest, he is not outspoken. (…) I was always 17th (on the match sheet, the one who remained in the stands). I think at one point he was even kidding me “, concluded Julian Palmieri. It is said.

“He has no value, he is dishonest! This player settles his accounts with a known coach 24hfootnews.

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