He fears the worst, OM can tremble for their bosses


Today, with Pablo Longoria and Igor Tudor, OM seem to be in very good hands. Indeed, the Spaniard, president, leads the club in the best possible way and as for the Croatian, coach, he gets the best out of his players. But how long will this last? Daniel Riolo expressed some doubts about the future of Longoria and Tudor at OM.

Second in Ligue 1,OM is in a very good spiral, despite a few hiccups this season, especially in the Champions League and the Coupe de France. In the league, the results are therefore there and for that, the Marseille club can thank Igor Tudor. Heckled in his debut, the Croatian managed to be appreciated on the Canebière. The players who have adhered to his method, it works well in theOM for Tudor, which can also count on the work of Pablo Longoria to arrive at his ends. Two strong men for Marseilleswhich have in common to have a past at the Juventus. And while this experience marked the Spaniard and the Croatian, Daniel Riolo raises some questions about the future of Longoria And You sleep

“I suspect them of dreaming of going back there”

On RMCwhen issuing After Football, Daniel Riolo referred to this attachment of Pablo Longoria And Igor Tudor towards the Juventus. What make him say that the Spaniard and the Croatian could seek to return there in the future: “ When I read the interview of Tudor who is deeply marked, just like Longoria by Juve, Juve good period, this seriousness, this discipline, this work, that the president is there to chair that the coach has the confidence Of the president. Longoria has been marked, buffered by Juve and Tudor is too. Deep down, I suspect they dream of going back there. For the moment, they are at OM, so much the better for OM, so much the better for our championship “.

Juventus thinks of Tudor

The danger would therefore be identified for theOM with Pablo Longoria And Igor Tudor and now the threat continues to become clearer lately, especially with regard to the Croatian coach. Indeed, the performance of You sleep do not go unnoticed in Europe. What to say to the Italian press that the coach of theOM would be the priority Juventus whether to replace Massimiliano Allegri, currently in command of the Old Lady. To be continued…

He fears the worst, OM can tremble for their bosses 24hfootnews.

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