“He doesn’t have the codes”, a PSG star is charged in private


Gianluigi Donnarumma can’t let go. Despite the departure of Keylor Navas this winter, the Italian goalkeeper is struggling to convince in the Parisian jersey. And within PSG, doubts are emerging about its ability to cash in on the methods put in place by Christophe Galtier since the start of the season.

Arrived during the summer of 2021, Gianluigi Donnarumma does not manage to chain and achieve unanimity. Sometimes brilliant on his line, the Italian goalkeeper will sometimes make some gross mistakes such as against the real Madrid last March. But despite some difficulties, especially with his kicking game, Donnarumma keep the trust of Christophe Galtier. ” He is a young player, very well framed to understand what is right and wrong […] What I noticed was that he stayed focused on his work trying to eliminate his little flaws “said the coach of the PSG last October, after a meeting against Benfica.

Donnarumma is not unanimous within PSG

Some within the PSG thought that the presence of Keylor Navas prevented him from slacking off and showing his best face. But despite the departure of the Costa Rican porter in Nottingham Forest, the Italian goalkeeper is still struggling to convince. Internally, some criticisms are starting to appear according to information from The Team. THE PSG would expect moree Donnarumma, even if he is not always helped by his defense. Some members of the club ask him to broadcast more confidence.

“We have the impression that he does not have the codes”

Some shortcomings would continue to be observed, in particular his inability to orient his shoulders during his raises. ” Looks like he doesn’t have the codes says a member of the PSG, contacted by The Team. However, the Parisian club will need Donnarumma to 100% in the knockout stages of the Champions League against Bayern Munich. A good performance will erase, for sure, his mistake against the real madrid it almost a year ago.

“He doesn’t have the codes”, a PSG star is charged in private 24hfootnews.

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