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Guilty Gear Strive characters are the heart of the game. Picking a character decides which moveset and character archetype you’re working with. On top of that though, the Guilty gear characters are full personalities. They all have a backstory and lore which make the game engaging and fun to follow.

Whether you’re picking based on the Guilty Gear Strive tier list or just who your favorite is, who you play is a big decision.

Source: Arc System Works

We’ll cover all of the Guilty Gear characters in the game. Everyone that’s appeared in Strive, through the base game and its expansive DLC so far!

All Guilty Gear Strive Characters

Guilty gear Strive has an expansive character roster. Between the base game, and all of the new faces added in DLC, it’s one of the best rosters we’ve had in the series. These are all of the Guilty gear Strive characters that are in the game.

Sol - Guilty Gear Strive Characters

Source: Arc System Works

  1. Sol is an American character who was one of the first researchers of the Gear. He’s one of the main protagonists.
  2. Ky is a Swordsman prodigy. He’s been on a long journey since his first appearance as once of the Guilty Gear characters.
  3. May is one of a few Guilty gear Strive characters who has a background as an orphan following the crusades.
  4. AXL Low is a British character with a background in more dangerous gangs, before he got caught in a time slip and wound up in the future.
  5. Chipp is an American character, one of the characters able to use Ki moves in their fighting.
  6. Potemkin is one of the bulkier Guilty Gear Strive characters. He started life as a slave, before gaining his freedom.
  7. Faust in Guilty Gear Strive is a Doctor turned serial killer, turned guy who feels bad about being a serial killer!
  8. Millia is another orphan of the Crusades. She was taken in by the Assassin’s Guild and raised by them.
  9. Zato-1 is a Spanish Guilty Gear character. He was once the head of the Assassin’s Guild.
  10. Ramlethal is a character who once declared war on the entire world. It went about as well as you’d imagine.
  11. Leo Whitefans is a character tasked with running the governments of half of Asia and Europe. He’s become a rival to Ky.
  12. He is a vampire samurai! Out of all Guilty gear characters, he’s one that’s it’s pretty simple to understand.
  13. She is an officer from a special operations group, tasked with protecting the US President.
  14. Anji is a traditional Japanese fighter, known for having grace in his fighting style.
  15. I-NO another character who can travel through time, I-No is an incredibly powerful entity in the lore of Guilty Gear characters.
  16. Goldlewis is another DLC character, he came in the Season 1 Battle Pass.
  17. Testament in Guilty Gear Strive was first added in Season 1. Their backstory is a common one, they were transformed into a Gear against their will.
  18. Jack-O Valentine was first added in during the Season 1 update. They’re possibly better known for spawning a meme out of one of a pose than being one of the Guilty Gear Strive characters though!
  19. Happy Chaos is yet another DLC character, he was the third addition from Season 1.
  20. Baiken is a sword-wielding Japanese crusader.
  21. Bridget is one of the DLC characters added into the game in Season 2.
  22. Sin is the child of some of other Guilty Gear characters, Ky and Dizzy. They inherited the Gear blood from this.
  23. Bedman? Is the latest Guilty Gear Strive character. They’re a robotic Bed controlled by a young girl!

Bedman? - Guilty gear Strive Characters

Source: Arc System Works

Upcoming Guilty Gear Strive Characters

Those are all of the Guilty gear Strive characters. This is a big roster of names with lengthy stories dating back through quite a few titles in the series. There’s still more Guilty Gear Strive characters coming though, so keep an eye on patch notes to see who will be next! Before we get the next character, there’s already been a few discussed that a re coming soon. These are the main characters in rumours and early looks at Guilty Gear DLC:

  • Asuka R. Kreuz (Leaked through datemine)

After that, we’re in the dark about what’s coming next!

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