GCW For The Culture 4 Results – 3/30/2023


GCW’s For The Culture 4 was held on Thursday from the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Los Angeles, CA, as a part of GCW’s The Collective.

Full Report by Adam Cardoza

D-Lo Brown and Darien Bengston are on commentary! J-Rose is our master of ceremonies, let’s goooooo!

Match 1: Ashton Starr vs Ju Dizz vs Keita Murray vs Darius Carter vs Terry Yaki vs Devon Monroe vs Faye Jackson

Ashton has shaved his head?!? The locks are gone! This is a wild scramble. Faye already has a middle middle for Darius Carter. Unsurprisingly, Darius has words for everyone…and they have a nice beatdown for him. Terry Yaki with a cactus clothesline sends Mr Carter flying. Faye is kind of at the center of things as Ashton and Devon clean house around her….it’s a trap, they hug and super kick Faye out of the ring. Devon and Starr with a good sequence until Faye is back in to lay them out. Darius is back with a brutal big boot and the crowd boooooooos this. Ju Dizz brings his power to the game but Carter targets the eye. Yaki in to bring some of that flash to the proceedings, great flip out of the corner and an elbow drop. Crowd is right there as he springboards out to the floor. Keita flies out into the chairs. Ju Dizz joins the dive party. Keita hits a jawbreaker to Yaki, tiger driver for two. Boston crab….Starr breaks it up, scissor kick! Terry Yaki is showing out but Devon hits a jawbreaker off the top. Kick out! Faye hits a Rana on Devon?!? Carter runs in and folds Faye in half with a delay spike piledriver. Ju Dizz runs in with a pump handle power bomb. Monroe hits a spinning crossbody to Ju Dizz…Carter runs in and throws Devon away and steals the pin for himself!

Winner: Darius Carter

Match 2: Willie Mack vs Billy Dixon (Anything Goes Match)

I saw Billy Dixon in a couple of absolute bloody wars over the last few years and he goes right for chairs and doors. Let’s get violent. Billy is just stalking Mack around the room his heavy shots to the forehead and chops against the wall. Willie just chops the life out of him…..Billy gets a lesson in hard chops, he is getting VOLUME through a shirt. OW. Big super kick and Billy collapses. Kick out! Mack blasts him with a chair…..these are LOUD. Dixon is still kicking out. Drop toe hold and a hangman’s sliding lariat. Mack spiked with a ddt for two. Dixon getting those chair shots back. The first one seems light but that second one is loud and dents the chair. Jesus. Let’s create that makeshift table, Dixon dropping bombs in the corner……Mack grabs the legs and bombs Billy through the door! Running splash for two. Mack sets up a door but turns around and eats a spear through the wood! Mack kicks out! Billy ducks a head kick, spine buster! Kick out! Mack reverses a stunner into one of his own, oh hell yeah! Mack to the top! Dixon rolls to safety. Dixon eats . Mack is DONE with Billy. He grabs a chair and slams Billy with it! Ow. WIllie sets up for another stunner but Billy gets a backslide and Mack is stuck…it’s a three! Mack is stunned but they shake hands. SPORTSMANSHIP!

Winner: Billy Dixon

Match 3: Team West Coast (Kenny King, Alpha Zo & Midas Kreed, G. Sharpe, & Mazzerati) vs Team The World (Suge D, AC Mack, Jeffrey John, JC Storm, Jay Malachi) (5 on 5 Survivor Series Rules)

Zo and Mack start this off. Alpha is fast and blasts the former IWTV champ in the face with a flying knee. Sliding lariat, Mack can’t put a move together. Hard boot and saito for two! G Sharpe and Jay Malachi get in but Sharpe just chops him inside out. Tea, West Coast is really taking it to The World right now. JC and Mazzerati tag in, Mazzaratti with a spinning hook kick to the gut but JC pumps kicks her in the side of the head. Face to face, Ref Nick Shin are barely contain this fight and their teams break them up. JJ and Kreed square off, John is slipping a little on the ropes, Kreed gut kicks him but gets run into a single leg dropkick. Finally we get the team captains, King and Suge. Suge has incredible grappling skills but King is so fast and reverses the holds faster than Suge can think of ‘em. Suge tries the shoulder block but King is powerful and eats it. Suge keeps trying but we are at the definition of insanity now. Suge kicks him low and finally gets the King on his back. Kenny right back with a buzzsaw kick for two. This is just turning into a brawl and the rest of the team join in. We’re in chaos town now. Kenny flies! Malachi shotguns himself over and takes everyone out. Malachi and Sharpe trading knees and kicks! Sharpe blocks a slingshot stunner. Headlock, Brain bustaaaaah! Sharpe gets the elimination on Malachi. 5-4

Jeffery John traps Sharpe in a Gory Special and brings him over for some extra chop action. Sharpe escapes, tag to Kreed. Basement dropkicks. Spinning hook kick…..Suge with a blind tag and hits a roaring elbow on a distracted Kreed for the three. 4-4

Mazzarati wants in on this fight with Suge. She just intros Suge to her knee and he goes running. JC back in it and the teams try to break it up again. JC ducks & blocks a bunch of kicks. Spear to Mazz! She goes for the kill but eats a spear! Mazz gets the pin! 4-3

AC Mack is right in and hits TWO Mack-10’s for the quick pin on Mazzarati. 3-3

Kenny King in with a snap power slam. Suge with the blindside but King spine busters him. Team West Coast wants Jeffery John. The Babushka Baron obliges and hits a stepup cutter on King. Flying European uppercut to Alpha Zo! Blue Thunder bomb to G Sharpe! Kenny rolls through a cross body and hits a Royal Flush for the pin! 3-2

Mack and Suge have their work cut out for them but they are the most experienced members of the World team. G Sharpe throwing heavy kicks. This is just a 2 on 1 and Nick Shin has no control on it. They hit a wheelbarrow Mack 10 on G Sharpe for the three. 2-2

Both sides trading rights in the center. Mack and Suge miss right hands. King and Alpha Zo roll them both up for the double pin and Team West Coast wins!

Winners: Team West Coast

Match 4: Bryan Keith vs 2 Cold Scorpio

Keith is always an impressive force but Scorpio is still going after so many years. Score keeps this slow and methodical but he has these little bursts of speed to take the lead. Keith tries to bridge out of a headlock, Scorpio kicks the leg out. Keith trying to power out but Scorp just arm drags him right down and wears the bounty hunter down. Score comes running into a big boot, Keith starts dragging his opponent and trying to give some of that grind right back. Keith trying to kick the legs out but the vet just landing hard forearms and drops him. Keith manages to hit a spinning ddt for two. Kneedrop for two. Bryan is taunting but that’s a bad move as Scorpio starts throwing shoulders to the gut. Keith with a stiff knee and wraps up the legs. Hard roundhouse kicks to the chest, Scorp drops for two. Keith distracted by the crowd as Scorpio gets his wind back and starting throwing again. HUGE shot sends the bounty hunter to the mat. Trading kicks to the face! Keith rocks him! Scorpio is raging but he’s still getting hit hard. Kick to the face drops Keith. Twisting splash from the top! Kick out! 2 Cold Scorpio back to the top…..Moonsault! Kick out! Scorp is going back up! Keith pushes the ref into the ropes, Scorpio gets crotched on the top buckle. Keith hits a super exploder! 2 Cold is struggling to his feet….running kick and a diamond dust! Scorpio kicks out! He’s trying a tiger driver, Scorpio reverses to a poweromb….Bryan Keith with the sunset flip rollup and gets the three! Great show of respect at the end, definitely a passing the torch type moment.

Winner: Bryan Keith

Match 5: Myron Reed(c) vs Man Like DeReiss vs Kevin Knight (for the Black Wrestlers Matter Championship)

This is Myron’s first defense and this is high energy as hell to kick it off. Knight and Dereiss are trying to keep Myron out of this matchup as much as possible so they can focus on each other. This might be a poor strategy. Myron out of no where with a scissor kick on the apron. Slingshot bomb to Knight! F5 into the ropes…..transition to a flatliner! Sick move. Dereiss blasts a super kick into the champ, double blockbuster for two! Kicks for everyone! Myron with a matrix dodge and cutter to Dereiss. Sick high angle dropkick from knight! Dereiss with a dive to the front and scares the life out of Myron. Knight with a dropkick stuns Dereiss and knocks him from the apron. Knight comes flying and Myron supedkicks him out of the air TO THE FLOOR! Yeeeeeow! Myron with the big dive. Dereiss bombs the champ for two but whiffs the 450. Knight out of nowhere with a frog splash but Myron hits a cutter out of the air. This looked like the three but maybe the ref saw something we didn’t? Myron grabs Knight and hits an air raid crash onto Dereiss for the dominant win!

Winner: Myron Reed

Main Event: Trish Adora (c) vs Calvin Tankman (Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Title Match)

Trish has a huge test here and she takes it right to Big Cal. This goes right to the floor, Calvin comes running and eats . Big boot through the corner! Yakuza kick! Tilt a whirl ddt! Tankman is right up to his feet and he looks MAD. Trish wants a German but that isn’t happening. Cal fights it off and comes running, Trish hits the German! This is looking good…and then Cal pops up Trish and hits a spinning back elbow. She is ROCKED. Big slam. Trish throwing forearms but Cal slams her again. He’s suddenly VERY confident but the champ isn’t backing down. She’s backing Tankman up with shot after shot but he slams her again. Running splash for two. Trish avoids a corner splash and hits a fastball punch! Trish rocks him! Hip attacks in the corner as Tankman looks like no ones home. Giant boot to the face. Keylock crucifix ddt! Senton for two! And just like that Tankman is back up with a backbreaker and sliding clothesline for two. Adora escapes the tank man driver….she goes for lariat Tubman! Tankman drops her and hits a seated backlist! Trish barely makes the kickoff. Chops in the corner with those pan hands. Trish blocking the superplex…Sunset flip power bomb but Tankman rolls through. Tankman to his knees…..Trish hits Lariat Tubman! She wraps up the arms and gets the verbal submission of the Cattle Mutilation!

Winner: Trish Adora

Billy Dixon is out here….and he wants his SHOT. The first and only Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Champion gives a nod as the next defense in this 1100+ day title reign continues!

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Full Report by Adam Cardoza

GCW For The Culture 4 Results – 3/30/2023 Wrestling Headlines.

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