France team: A big clash broke out between Deschamps and Pavard


As in 2018, the French team seemed very united during this 2022 World Cup. But internally, a case divided the troops. Indeed, Benjamin Pavard was clearly not unanimous in the group. Moreover, a huge clash would have taken place between the 26-year-old player and Didier Deschamps during the final. The presence of the Bayern Munich defender was considered harmful to the life of the group.

So close, yet so far. This Sunday, theFrench team had its third star at hand. But ultimately, the Blues bowed to theArgentina Lionel Messi on penalties. Despite everything, the tricolor selection achieved a very good Global after the coronation of 2018. The group still seemed very united from the outside. But internally, an element would have divided the troops.

The Pavard case generated internal tensions

On his channel Youtube, Roman Molina reveals that the case Benjamin Pavard would have created some tensions within the tricolor group. For several players, there would be a problem between the performance of the defender of the Bayern Munich and the role it claims. The 26-year-old was considered one of Didier Deschamps’ favourites. After’Australiathe technical staff would have made some remonstrances to Benjamin Pavard. Except that the latter would not have really accepted them. From there, the old LOSC was starting to annoy internally. His attitude would even have been deemed inappropriate with regard to his teammates, Benjamin Pavard allowing himself a few remarks in training or on the bench. What to irritate Didier Deschampswho finally cracked in the finale.

Huge clash between Deschamps and Pavard against Argentina

Facing theArgentinathe coach of theFrench team and the 26-year-old defender reportedly exchanged particularly tense words. The behavior of Benjamin Pavard ended up being seen as nefarious by the rest of the group. Roman Molina points out, moreover, that for some, the friendship between Benjamin Pavard and the journalist Loic Tanzi would be a serious problem. The group would think that the leaks of what is happening in the locker room are coming from him. After such an episode in Qatar, the international career of Benjamin Pavard seems compromised. To be continued…

France team: A big clash broke out between Deschamps and Pavard 24hfootnews.

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