Fortnite Trios Vaulted – Is This the End of Trios?


Fortnite just got a big update for the tail end of Chapter 4 Season 2. We might still be halfway through the Fortnite X Star Wars event and staring down a big Spider-Man crossover, but Epic has taken this moment to revamp the Ranked Mode! They’ve made a few changes but also vaulted an entire game mode. Fortnite Trios has been vaulted.

The three-player game mode for Fortnite has been entirely stripped out! You can no longer hop in with two of your friends. While the update has quite a few changes, like rules, points, and rewards. It’s taking away an entire game mode though that’s got the community worked up. With Fortnite Trios vaulted, it’s a bit more limited. Although, there are some reasons to think it might come back.

Fortnite trios

Credit: JustmeRClol on Twitter

Why Were Fortnite Trios Vaulted?

For a while now, the main way of playing Fortnite competitively has been a separate game mode called Arena. This had a different playlist for each format. You could play Solos, Doubles, Trios, and Squads. If you’ve been watching Fortnite news you’ll likely know that the tournaments are primarily Duos right now, but Trios had always stayed available. Until now.

Epic is relaunching competitive play as Fortnite Ranked mode. It’s going to be a different take on ranked style gameplay. Epic is launching this for more game modes than ever this time. They’re launching Ranked as an option you can turn on for Battle Royale but also Zero Builds. That’s coming at the expense of Trios though.

The new Ranked mode is going to work on all the main game modes. If Epic wants to limit Fortnite Trios play right now, it means turning it off for everyone, not just Arena and Ranked. For some reason, Epic just doesn’t want Trios active right now though. They haven’t specified any reasoning behind it being vaulted.

Epic has started to split the game up more though, with Ranked having its own seasons. The launch season will be Season Zero. It’s more of a testing ground. Epic might be limiting things to test out new changes for Ranked. Fortnite trios vaulted might not last forever though.

Will Trios Come Back?

Epic Games has Fortnite Trios vaulted, but they haven’t permanently removed the game mode. Dataminers were quick to break down what actually happened to the change in-game modes. It’s been deactivated. However, it could be turned back on at any point. Dataminers have found that the game mode still exists in Fortnite, it’s just been turned off for now.

It’s possible that removing trios is being done to cut down on queue times since Epic is launching so many different game modes at once. Although, that hasn’t stopped them from working on an entirely new third branch for Fortnite already. Leaks are currently pointing towards a new Fortnite car racing mode hitting soon. That’s going to be a full addition to the game with its own ranked mode! Since they’re planning on further splitting the player base up, it doesn’t seem too likely that Trios is being cut out permanently for that reason.

We’ll probably see Fortnite Trios return eventually. The FNCS rotates through different formats for different years. We’ll likely see Fortnite trios return, but it could be a while until it does.

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