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Former NXT Star On Why He Didn’t Sign WWE Contract


– James Storm didn’t sign a contract with WWE to perform on NXT because of the increased numbers of shows,.

– Storm, 40, explained that when he worked several episodes of NXT in 2015 without a contract, he couldn’t commit to a deal because they were looking to significantly increase their tour schedule.

Storm said: “With the schedule of NXT and Triple H was telling me we’re going to try and run 100-120 shows from here on out throughout the year and stuff”. It’s all great and everything but where I was, personally, in my life, I couldn’t be on the road that much because I had some family problems, my wife wanted to have another kid. So, it was one of those things where it wasn’t the right timing for me.”

– Storm revealed that Triple H told him to get his stuff together. Storm recalled the conversation with the WWE boss:

“Hunter straight up told me, ‘Go get your life together. This is my number. Maybe in two years, we can do business again.'”

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