Finn Balor Returns !!


WWE rumors have pegged Finn Balor for a not-too-far-off return to the ring. In fact, some believe that the popular Raw star — who suffered a severe shoulder separation during a match at WWE SummerSlam in August — could be back in time for this year’s WrestleMania in Orlando.

Now, it has been suggested that WWE matchmakers are scrambling to come up with a plan to work “The Demon” back onto television in the very near future, whether or not he will actually have a match on the show.

WWE WrestleMania, after all, is just six weeks away.

The surprising news, while certainly welcome for fans of the former NXT headliner, is believed to have led some backstage WWE officials to question as to whether they can justify rushing Balor back from injury just to allow him to have a match on the show.

Most WWE rumors, after all, had estimated Finn’s return to occur later in the Spring.

WWE Rumors Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins [Image by JP Yim/Getty Images]

Finn Balor sustained his shoulder separation during an August match at SummerSlam against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title. On that night, Balor fought through extreme pain to win the match and capture the belt, only to surrender it the next night on Raw in order to undergo surgery.

At the time of his injury, ESPN speculated that Balor’s tear would keep him out for a number of months, causing him to miss this year’s WWE WrestleMania, noting the following.

“The majority of small labral tears… would require a few months to return; for most sports the athlete could return within four months [January], but in the case of elite/pro athletes or higher-risk contact or collision sports, the recovery could take longer.”

Per strong WWE rumors at the time, most expected Balor’s recovery to take much longer.

While some speculated that Balor might find himself back in time for a surprise Royal Rumble appearance, most figured “The Demon’s” return for sometime in late April or early May.

Then came fresh speculation from Cageside Seats, which reported that “Finn Balor is still on track to return in time for WrestleMania 33,” albeit with the caveat that “he’s unlikely to have a match on the show.”

That is where fans began to run with the WWE rumors and speculate that WWE might, in fact, be hiding something regarding a potential early comeback at the annual mega-show.

Some have gone so far as to suggest opponents for Balor such as The Undertaker, A.J. Styles, or Samoa Joe.

The Undertaker

WWE rumors of a Balor-Taker match have been occurring virtually since Balor signed with WWE in 2014. This match, most believe, is a logical booking considering the mystique and aura both men carry, in addition to their unique entrances.

WWE Rumors Undertaker Entrance
The Undertaker [Image by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images]

A.J. Styles

A.J. Styles versus Balor match would have to be considered a dream match of sorts for the two former members of New Japan’s Bullet Club. While Styles is a WWE Smackdown-rostered wrestler, most believe that WWE pulling the trigger on an inter-brand match between the two would be very memorable. Styles, sadly, is currently penciled in to face non-wrestler Shane McMahon.

Samoa Joe

With Joe having recently joined WWE Raw — and his logical opponent in Seth Rollins set to face Triple H at WrestleMania — most believe that a match between the two might make the most sense. Joe and Finn did, after all, have a very strong feud in NXT and are quite familiar with one another.

Most WWE rumors, sadly, point to it all just being speculation.

“The promotion is understandably hesitant about bringing [Finn Balor] back too soon,” noted Sportskeeda, recently. “So the WWE Universe should expect some form of an answer in the next few weeks.”

And at this point, clinging to that hope seems to be about all that Finn Balor’s WWE fans have left.

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