FIFA is preparing big changes for the 2026 World Cup


This 2022 World Cup was the last “traditional” World Cup. For the next edition of the most prestigious international competition, which will be played in the USA, Canada and Mexico – it will be the first time that a World Cup is played in three countries – we should have many changes. Different European media say more this Tuesday. There will be a total of 16 host cities, with most located in the United States. There too, it is a record, but it is rather logical in view of the main novelty of the competition.

Thus, there will be 48 participating teams, against only 32 so far. This will significantly increase the number of matches (104 in total), and the World Cup will last almost a month and a half and more than a month flat. But above all, we will have a new, somewhat unusual rule: in the event of a draw at the end of regulation time, we will have a penalty shootout to decide between the two teams. Whoever wins after the TàB will have an extra point.

Still doubts about the format of the hens

The objective is to try to avoid situations of equality of points and that teams pass or are eliminated on the goal average for example, as was again the case during this tournament in Qatar. There is still a big question mark regarding the format of the tournament. If a lot of media mentioned groups of only three teams, as was the case during the first edition of the League of Nations for example, FIFA could come back to this idea.

“We validated a format of 16 groups of 3, with the first two qualifying. But I must say that after this World Cup and the beautiful group stages of four, and looking at other competitions like the Euros, I think we have to rethink it and discuss the possibility of 12 groups of 4, This will be discussed in future meetings., recently confided Gianni Infantino. There could therefore also be better thirds, as during the last Euro, who would qualify for the round of 16. See you in 1266 days!

FIFA is preparing big changes for the 2026 World Cup 24hfootnews.

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