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FIA collects its due on F1’s Super Licence fees!


After a leisurely winter holiday, it’s back to the grind for F1’s drivers whose first order of business over the new year has been to sign a check to the FIA for the privilege of racing in 2023.

All teams are required to pay F1’s governing body a significant entry fee for 2023 based on the amount of points scored during the previous season.

Red Bull’s dominant 2022 campaign has cost the Milton Keynes-based outfit a cool $6,242,636.

But F1’s drivers competing in 2023 don’t get a free pass when it comes to racing as each participant must also pay the FIA for their mandatory F1 Super Licence.

And again, the final fee disbursed by each driver is based on a points related scheme.

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Specifically, each driver will pay a base fee – in euros – of €10,400, plus €2,100 per point scored during the 2022 season, for the chance to race in 2023.

Max Verstappen’s gain last year is inevitably the Dutchman’s pain this season.

The Red Bull charger’s record 15 wins in 2022 equate to a pay-out for his Super Licence of €963,800, an all-time high!

It’s an affordable expense however for Verstappen whose annual all-in retainer with Red Bull for his second championship-winning year was estimated at $30 million according to Forbes.

Verstappen’s runner-up Charles Leclerc finished 145 points behind his arch-rival, but the Monegasque has been invoiced €657,200 by the FIA.

At the other end of the spectrum, Haas F1’s Nico Hulkenberg, McLaren rookie Oscar Piastri and Williams apprentice Logan Sargeant are only required to dole out the basic Super Licence fee, or $10,400.

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FIA collects its due on F1’s Super Licence fees!

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