FFF scandal: Surprise, he flies to the aid of Le Graët


Overwhelmed on all sides, Noël Le Graët ended up resigning from his post as president of the French Football Federation. The problems are however far from over for the one who will also bounce back to FIFA. Nevertheless, Le Graët can count on some support. Jean-Michel Aulas notably wanted to take up his defense.

While the damning audit report of the General Inspectorate for Education, Sport and Research denounces a “inappropriate behavior towards women”, “the exercise of highly centralized power” And “that the inappropriate and insulting nature of Mr. Le Graët’s remarks may be accentuated by excessive alcohol consumption”Jean-Michel Aulas lends his faithful support to the new delegate of the FIFA office in Paris.

“A stubbornness”

On France Interthe president of theOL expressed his view of things: “It’s obviously a personal matter, coming from the man, who was very touched after a fantastic career. There were these difficulties that came to pose a problem. In the argument that was used in this famous report from the administration of the Ministry of Sports, there was not much that made it possible to understand this relentlessness that intervened (against him, editor’s note). The sadness of this man who is finishing his mandate is difficult to understand”.

No regrets for Aulas

Jean Michel Aulas recognizes “attitudes that were not the right ones” from Noel Le Graet but does not regret having supported him in 2021, for his re-election. He prefers to highlight his record within the FFF since the election of Breton in 2011, stating that “the important thing today is the Federation”and especially “amateur soccer” And “women’s soccer”.

FFF scandal: Surprise, he flies to the aid of Le Graët 24hfootnews.

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