FACEIT CS:GO – What Is It?


FFor most CS:GO players, Global Elite is the dream. But there are plenty out there that have abandoned standard CS:GO matchmaking, for a variety of different reasons. Most of these players move over to FACEIT in CS:GO. It’s a name you might’ve heard before, but are unaware of what it is. Read on to find out more if this sounds like you.



FACEIT is a platform that hosts CS:GO matches, allowing players to matchmake on private servers for a smoother experience. This includes its own ranking system, which has a much higher skill ceiling than the standard CS:GO ranks.

One of the main selling points of FACEIT in CS:GO is 128-tick servers. Normal CS:GO servers are 64-tick, meaning that the servers are less responsive. Most CS:GO pros refuse to play standard matchmaking now, because of the difference it makes to their performance. Beginners might not notice the difference, but veterans certainly will. It’s also helpful with learning utility, with many jump-throws requiring 128-tick servers.

In CS:GO FACEIT is probably the best ranking system around. It works on a simple Level 1-10 scale, with Level 10 being on par with CS:GO Major winners like s1mple and dev1ce. Due to FACEIT’s level of competition, it’s highly recommended to go into it as a team of five. For context, Global Elite is seen as being approximately FACEIT Level 6-7, so the skill level at the top is insane.

FACEIT also uses a different anti-cheat to standard CS:GO matchmaking. A complaint often leveled at CS:GO is that VAC lets too many cheaters slip through the cracks. No longer though, as FACEIT’s anti-cheat is much more in-depth for CS:GO.

The top teams use FACEIT to scout up-and-coming players. FACEIT hosts open tournaments for teams to join, with those who rise to the top being watched by the best teams. If you think you’re a Pro-level CS:GO player, and have just never been noticed, these tournaments are your route into professional play. Teams can’t risk missing the next big thing, so keep their eyes on FACEIT CS:GO tournaments. These tournaments often have cash prizes, so if you have a team, they’re worth trying.

We’re going to be honest – FACEIT is brutal for beginners. Players should definitely get better at CS:GO before attempting to join FACEIT.

Faceit CSGO

How To Download FACEIT

FACEIT is easy to get up and running for CS:GO. Simply create an account on the FACEIT website, and download the client. You must first link your FACEIT account to your Steam account. With this done, you’ll be able to begin a party from the client. Then, you’ll be matched up against another team and be connected to CS:GO. It’s an extremely similar process to standard matchmaking, only done in another client. The only real negative is that it can take a bit longer to find a FACEIT game than a normal CS:GO competitive match, but this is largely a non-issue.

Ultimately, FACEIT won’t be perfect for every CS:GO player. But if you’re serious about being the best you can be on the server, challenging yourself on FACEIT is an absolute necessity.

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