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Ex-WWE Manager Put The Undertaker On Trial In Wrestler’s Court For “Romancing”


According to one veteran, The Undertaker was put on trial in the wrestler’s court. Dutch Mantell, who was working for WWE from the middle of the 1990s through 2016 said recently that he had called The Undertaker to testify for “romancing the girls.”

Speaking on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the former manager broke down how the whole scenario played out.

“I did this with Undertaker first and I put him on trial for I think romancing the girls around. Imagine. Because he denied it. He denied it. And then I was the prosecutor and the judge. Of course, you know, I never lost a bat. I never lost a case. And so and then Undertaker loved it so he would say, ‘Wrestlers Court,’ then he put me on trial. He’d convict me for whatever I did,”

Mantell continued by claiming that he was the originator of wrestlers court and that it started out as a friendly game played in the locker room but quickly developed into a respectable institution.

“When it got up there, either Bradshaw was the judge or Undertaker was the judge and they would really try guys on kind of serious stuff. I started it as a joke but it ended up like a pretty serious shoot.”

H/t to Sportskeeda


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