Eric Bischoff Believes Wrestling & Cable News Operate From The Same Playbook


Eric Bischoff released a short clip titled ““Why The News Media Is Stealing From The Pro Wrestling Playbook.” During the clip, he compares the similarities between the cable news media and professional wrestling. Here’s an excerpt from the clip:

On The Parallels Between Cable News & Professional Wrestling:

The first rule of producing professional wrestling is to know that when it comes to the audience, it doesn’t matter if they love or hate a wrestler. As long as they feel passionately one way or another, business will be good. Cable news is a similar art. The next time you’re watching the news and you find yourself getting angry, you will realize that is how they want you to feel. It’s not about informing you or making you think. Just like professional wrestling. This is a bipartisan phenomenon, and we need to react with awareness of this tactic.

You can watch the entire clip from Bischoff below:

Credit: Eric Bischoff.

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