Enzo Fernandez unleashes passions in the Premier League


Winner of the World Cup with Argentina and elected revelation of the tournament, Enzo Fernandez arouses countless desires throughout Europe. In England, Manchester United would be particularly ready to splurge to pocket the jackpot.

Enzo Fernandez, Benfica

For Enzo Fernandez, this month of December 2022 will long remain a major turning point. At only 21 years old, the midfielder had the first great moment of his career by winning the World Cup in Qatar with the Skies et Blancs. The good news doesn’t stop with this single trophy, however. Despite his young age, the Benfica player was indeed not just there to make up the numbers. As proof, he inherited the title of “Best Hope” of the competition.

It was obviously enough for the native of San Martin to attract the attention of the leaders of the Old Continent. There are many candidates who would like to hire the services of the very young World Champion. From Paris to Real Madrid, the interested parties are legion. But it is in the Premier League that the file seems the most burning. Liverpool and Manchester United, historic rivals, could in particular wage a merciless war to curry favor with the Lisbon.

An offer of 120 million euros for Enzo Fernandez?

As revealed UOL Sports, the Reds Devils would even be ready to explode their piggy bank to pocket the bet. The Brazilian media thus claims that the sum of 120 million euros could be advanced on the table. As a reminder, Enzo Fernandez currently has a contract that binds him with Benfica Lisbon until June 2027. A few days ago, Record believed that a first offer at 100 million euros, probably from Mersey and therefore from the Reds, had been rejected by the Portuguese club.

One thing is certain, the leaders of Benfica Lisbon will not let their precious jewel go at any price.

Enzo Fernandez unleashes passions in the Premier League 24hfootnews.

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