Elina Svitolina has ‘no expectations’ at start of her tennis comeback


Elina Svitolina says she will be taking it easy at the start of her comeback as she won’t be putting pressure on herself to do well right from the jump.

Svitolina, a former world No 3, is set to play her first tournament since the 2022 Miami Open. 

For next week’s WTA clay-court tournament in Charleston, Svitolina was granted a main draw wildcard.

Charleston is set to feature a very strong player field, which includes five top-10 players.

For Svitolina, the main thing right now is to slowly find her game and rhythm again.

Svitolina: I have no big expectations at the start of my comeback

“At the moment, my goal is to get in a game and tournament shape, because it’s a little different. It’s very important to focus properly, to get out of the tough matches that I’m sure I’m going to have ahead of me. It will take some time to be 100% fit. I have no expectations of myself. It is important for me to set short-term tasks that I can achieve within a month, two at most. Yes, there are goals that I would like to achieve by the end of my career. They are always somewhere on my mind. But right now it’s important for me to set these small tasks and move forward to build back my form, find my game, be physically fit and strong. That’s important for me at the moment. To try to come closer to my game with each practice, each match. I was motivated and I’m motivated for 100%, so we will see,” Svitolina told BTU.

Before taking an indefinite break from tennis, Svitolina was widely considered one of the best players in the women’s game. 

Svitolina will likely experience certain struggles at the start of her comeback but she definitely has the talent to make a successful comeback to tennis after pregnancy.

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