Edge Talks About How Season 2 of The Edge & Christian Show Is Different from Season 1


WWE Hall of Famer Edge recently spoke with Gamespot to promote tonight’s return of The Edge and Christian Show on the WWE Network.

Edge revealed that the second season of the show will feature more than 100 special cameos. He talked about how this season will be different than the first.

“This one is a lot different than Season 1,” he said. “To me, in a much better way. We added in some elements, we had some graphic artist and do some amazing things that we wouldn’t have been able to, some of our visions just wouldn’t have been possible without this guy coming in and putting his magic touch on it. When you see it, you’ll be able to tell because it’s just, you know, the farting unicorns going by Hillbilly Jim while he’s moon farming.”

Edge also revealed that one episode this season will feature a farting unicorn. He also talked about one scene that will see the screen filled with special guests in front of a green screen as they try to recreate a “classic moment” from wrestling history. He added, “People will just be like, ‘What is happening right now?’”

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