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Eddie Kingston Discusses Why He Turned Down Coaching Position In WWE, Feeling Like He Can Wrestle Another 10 Years


AEW superstar Eddie Kingston recently appeared on the Swerve City podcast to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including why the Mad King decided to turn down WWE’s offer to coach talent, and how he believes he has at least another 10 years left in his in-ring career. Highlights are below.

Says he turned down WWE because he assumed he would despise a coaching role:

“I didn’t want to collect a paycheck. Yeah, I mean, because I knew if I was there and I had that resentment of ‘I know I have 10 more good years, I know I’m better than what they’re not giving me a chance,’ they will bring in whatever and I’m not knocking these guys. If a football player or amateur wrestler walks in, and the machine is behind them all the way and they want me to help him and teach him, I’m not going to. But if I do, if I do, I’m going to be a piece of shit because I’m gonna be resentful of him. So I’m gonna teach him the right ways but he may not get it right away because I’m gonna be a piece of shit.”

On his decision to go to AEW:

“Did I entertain other possibilities? I entertained them. But again, Mama’s boy, my mother being my best friend when I told her, ‘Hey mom, I’m getting interested from a lot of people all of a sudden.’ She goes, ‘Go to AEW, you won’t be happy at WWE. That’s what she said. I asked her why and I’m gonna keep that between me and my mother. I went, ‘You’re right. She goes, ‘Yeah, go there, Papi. Go there, have fun.’ She said, ‘You deserve to have fun,’ and that was it.”

Feels like he has a good 10 years left before retiring:

“It’s not over yet. I honestly feel I have a good 10 years left. I went the way of fucking cryotherapy, all that shit, whatever. I know how to take care of my body now better, you know what I mean? Instead of just, ‘Shit, I need a cigarette’ or, ‘Let me take a shot of whiskey. I’ll feel fine in the car.’ No, no, no [we don’t need that anymore]. It’s definitely different now. Now we have things we can do. We’re more educated now.”

(H/T and transcribed by 411 Mania)

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