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EC3 Recalls The Time Where He Trained With The Undertaker: “I Can’t Believe I Got Out Alive’


On Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Outlaws, EC3 described how, after realizing that The Undertaker was backstage at Florida Championship Wrestling, he purposefully chose to compete against Titus O’Neil, a bigger opponent. The situation turned out well for him, despite the fact that he still cannot believe he “came out alive”:

“I think it was WrestleMania 27 or 28. He came down to FCW, and he was walking around, and we were just practicing, and ‘Taker was here; we didn’t know. I tagged, and I found the biggest guy, and I just started working a big guy, an aggressive heel, someone I could sell for. And he was watching. I think it was Titus O’Neil, so I can’t believe I got out of that alive. So I’m working a big guy just to show him I can work.

A month later, we get a call, ‘Hey, Undertaker wants to train for WrestleMania. Can you come in on Saturday and work with him?’ And I said, ‘Yes, that would be cool, of course’.”

When talking about the preparation he went through with The Undertaker, EC3 pointed out that there wasn’t much physical preparation required. Instead, “The Deadman” essentially gave the audience a free seminar:

“We had about three to four hours of hanging out. A lot of it was just talking to him and getting insight on him on the business. Then occasionally, we’ll run a couple of spots, and then he went on a long tirade of talking; it was just like first-class education.

I’ll never forget; I was sitting under the tree and he got up after talking, he corrects his neck twice and hits two ropes, does a back bump, and he’s like, ‘I’m ready for ‘Mania’ and walked out. That was his training.”

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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