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Earl Hebner On Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Induction: “I Think I Deserve To Be In There”


Former WWE/TNA referee Earl Hebner made an appearance on Refin’ It Up with Brian Hebner to discuss a wide range of topics. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

If he feels he should be in the WWE Hall of Fame:

“Yea, I would consider it. “All the stuff that I’ve done in this business and made a lot of the matches what they are. I think I deserve to be in there. But whether I do or not, it’s up to them.”

Being inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame:

“It meant everything in the world to me in this business. I never thought I would ever get there, in any Hall of Fame, but I did. I was so happy that they recognized how valuable I was. They still have referees that are valuable, but they sort of broke the ice in knowing that in order for this business to succeed, they have to have a good ref. It’s good that they noticed that and gave me the opportunity to be in the Hall of Fame, and I will never forget that night or what they did for me.”

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