DRX LoL Worlds Skins – Lots of easter eggs and staggering animations!


After winning the 2022 League of Legends World Championship, the DRX lineup has finally gotten their Worlds LoL skins.

DRX worlds skins

Image Credits | Riot Games

Worlds LoL Skins – DRX got some of the best skins ever

DRX’s run at Worlds last year was one of the most historic and memorable runs in esports history. From the play-in stage to beating T1 in a heated 5-game series, DRX managed in the impossible upset to claim their first international title.

Just like all previous years, the players winning a Worlds trophy can choose a champion they played throughout the tournament and give it a special skin. For DRX, all the players decided to choose the pocket picks that carried them during the tournament.

After months of work, Riot Games revealed the skins with a trailer and splash arts. The LoL champions getting the Worlds DRX skins are:

  • Aatrox – Kingen
  • Kindred – Pyosik
  • Maokai – Juhan
  • Akali – Zeka
  • Caitlyn – Deft
  • Ashe – BeryL

For Zeka and Kingen, Akali and Aatrox were the two champions they became known for at the tournament. Zeka dominated and carried games on the Kunai assassin, while Kingen held his own up in the top lane with the Darkin.

Deft, Pyosik, and BeryL, on the other hand, went for the signature champions they have always relied on. The substitute jungler Juhan, having contributed at Worlds as well, got his own Maokai skin.

What do the DRX Worlds skins look like?

Just like any proper Worlds skins, DRX’s version are covered with their logo’s and jerseys. On top of that, they have implemented special recall animations, adding their own signatures, as well as more DRX references in different parts of the champions’ kit.

Riot mentioned this will be the first world champion skin line to have a Prestige version, which will be available for purchase in the Mythic shop. The skin getting the special treatment will be given to the finals MVP Kingen and his Aatrox.

When are the skins released?

The skins should be expected to hit the PBE servers in the upcoming days. While it’s not confirmed when they will be ready in the live servers, it’s likely they will be added in the upcoming Patch 13.11 on June 1, according to the official patch schedule.

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