Drew McIntyre Thinks A Matchup With Daniel Bryan Would Be “Very Special,” Says He Has Unfinished Business With Roman Reigns, Talks Jinder Mahal


WWE superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Shawn D`souza of Mid-Day about all things pro-wrestling, where the Scottish Psychopath names Daniel Bryan, Jinder Mahal, and Universal champion Roman Reigns as three opponents he hopes to face in the future. Hear McIntyre’s full thoughts on the subject below.

Says he and Roman Reigns have unfinished business:

With Roman it’s pretty obvious there is unfinished business, we are a couple of Superstars at the top of our game on our respective brands, we had a cheap finish from the last match with all the interference and the low blow.

How he and Jinder Mahal have never had a high-stakes singles match:

Jinder. Let’s just say we’ve never had significant singles match the way Sheamus and I were able to recently. When you have real history with somebody, even though you’re friends, it’s good to get in there and be competitive with your friends and then hopefully joke about it afterwards and have fun afterwards. No matter who wins. Obviously with Sheamus things got a little bit personal, hopefully, that wouldn’t happen with Jinder.

Thinks a matchup with Daniel Bryan would be very special:

I don’t know what’s going on with his future after he lost the match. Maybe he shows up on NXT? Maybe he shows up on RAW? But he and I haven’t got to do much together. Certainly never had anything big, and I think obviously with where we’re at in our careers, it would be something very special.

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