Dominik Mysterio arrested while trying to ruin the family Christmas


Remember when Dominik Mysterio and his on-screen lady friend Rhea Ripley decided to crash Thanksgiving and give Dom’s dear old dad, WWE legend Rey Mysterio, the business in his own home? This came after Rey switched from Monday Night Raw to Friday Night SmackDown specifically to avoid any further issues with his son, who had joined up with the bad folks in The Judgment Day.

Wouldn’t you know it, Dom and Rhea tried to do the same thing for Christmas. Only this time, the family wasn’t going to put up with it:

Rey is getting closer and closer to actually throwing blows, despite the fact that it is his own son. Dom welcomed it once more but the only person who was physically hit in this case was Ripley, who got slapped in the face by his mother. The police showed up just after and after getting everyone’s story, decided to arrest Dominik.

Rhea was fantastic as the fully unhinged girlfriend who couldn’t believe things were going this way, and Dom was even better when he was put in the cruiser and the tough guy facade fell away. He was perfectly childlike pleading for Ripley not to let them take him away.

“Hey, I won’t make it in jail.”

Merry Christmas!

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