Dolph Ziggler on Teaming With Drew McIntyre and More


Dolph Ziggler participated in a conference call today to promote the post Super Showdown edition of Monday Night Raw. Here are the highlights.

On Whether He and Drew McIntyre Feel The Success of Their Team Serves As Vindication:

No, I mean, it worked out as great partnership. We watch each other’s backs, and we got the same goals in mind. But of course, just getting to the WWE… everyone gets here differently. Some people pick up a flier, some people work their whole life, some are fans their whole life. Some people come from football or MMA. I’m someone who doesn’t go away, and constantly outworks everyone in the entire locker room. And once in a while, if the opportunity goes in our way, I make the most of it.

Some of us have to go away to learn what we’re missing, and come back and shut everyone down. Drew has been the best example in recent memory, or certainly that I can think of, of someone who wasn’t bad. He loved wrestling, he wanted to do it his whole life. He just got more focused, and got so much better at it that he’s unstoppable now.

On Always Looking Like He Has a Chip on His Shoulder:

I don’t know if there’s a chip on my shoulder now. I didn’t think there was one eight years ago when I had to stay there. There’s nothing different now; I just get more TV time to do the awesome things that I do. So, I mean, there’s always difficulties, and I told this to the younger guys in the locker room at lunch. That even if you get what you want, even if you’re going against the opponent you want, being in the right part of the show, TV time, or becoming a star, winning championships… it just gets harder after that, and that’s the thing.

I go home, and some people say that was my best match. But I go, ‘I could’ve been better here, I could’ve been better there’, and that is the sign of someone that constantly wants to be better, and constantly wants to make this sport and industry better. So, I will never be satisfied. Even if tonight on RAW, I beat Roman Reigns, and we beat the hell out of each other, and I become the Universal Champion, I will go home and focus on the things I did wrong, to make myself a better champion.

So it’s… I don’t speak too much, but I live for this business.

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