Does Call of Duty MW2 Have Zombies?


In October 2022, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II was released to a mixed reception. For some, it was the greatest game in the history of the franchise. For others, it was the worst thing Infinity Ward had ever produced. It split the community down the middle, despite boasting a considerable offering that included Spec Ops, multiplayer modes, and a stacked campaign. Today, we’re looking at that offering and answering one question: Does Call of Duty MW2 have Zombies?

In the Call of Duty Universe, there are few things as entertaining as Zombies. Traditionally, it’s a round-based survival mode that pits players against endless hordes of – you guessed it – zombies. They’ll have to solve objectives and puzzles, unlock new and powerful weapons, and slay waves of bloodthirsty zombies and monsters for as long as possible to beat the game. It has been a staple feature since it was first introduced in 2008’s World at War, but does Call of Duty MW2 have Zombies of its own?

Are There Zombies in COD MW2?

does call of duty mw2 have zombies

Image Credit: Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is quite diverse when it comes to what it offers. There’s a lengthy and sizeable campaign and a multiplayer platform that features cooperative play and almost every typical mode that has come with every Call of Duty game for the last few years. It’s a fair offering that keeps players entertained for as long as is necessary, but is it missing that one key component that brings in millions of players?

Does COD MW2 have Zombies?

Unfortunately, no – there is no Zombies mode in Modern Warfare II, nor will there ever be. It wasn’t ever on the table for the most recent title in the Call of Duty franchise, and other content was certainly put ahead of it in terms of inclusion. It most recently surfaced in 2021’s Call of Duty: Vanguard, but that was a failed enough title all-round. In fact, out of all the Call of Duty games with Zombies, the last good Zombies feature was in 2020’s Black Ops Cold War.

When Will Zombies Return to COD?

Reportedly, 2023’s Call of Duty title – which we now know to be Modern Warfare III – will feature a traditional, round-based Zombies mode. It’s a difference from Black Ops Cold War’s Outbreak model, which threw players into a wide, open environment, giving them an array of tasks to complete and even vehicles to navigate the expansive map. It was a dynamic game mode that pitted players against some gargantuan enemies, but it’s not going to be replicated in Modern Warfare III.

Instead, Modern Warfare III will take players back to the roots of Zombies, giving them endless rounds to survive against undead enemies intent on ripping them limb from limb. It’s something that fans are pleased with – for the most part. It’s the origins of Zombies, after all – every veteran Call of Duty player remembers fighting Nazi Zombies on Nacht der Untoten, the very first Zombies map in history, still legendary and memorable to this day.

Only time will tell what the Zombies mode looks like in Modern Warfare III, but fans are certainly excited.

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