Deceived, Zidane will finally find a smile


While he wanted the France team, the federation preferred Didier Deschamps to him, enough to push Zinedine Zidane to review his plans. Wishing to find Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti should indeed give up his place.

In June 2022, in an interview with The Team for the 50th anniversary of Zinedine Zidanethe 98 world champion declared his love for the France team and spoke of his desire to take the reins of the Blues squad after Didier The fields whose contract expired in December 2022 at the time. Finally, the French Football Federation extended the coach’s lease, pushing Zidane to explore other avenues for its return to business.

The blue dream has evaporated, return to Real Madrid for Zidane?

Away from the field since May 2021 and his departure from Real Madrid, Zinedine Zidane would once again like to take care of the merengue first team. At least this is the information provided by The Team lately. And although Carl Ancelotti either under contract until June 2024 at the Casa Blanca, a white season could seal his future and lead to his dismissal according to Report. For Ancelottithe sequence seems to be written in Brazil as Ederson affirmed it.

Ederson admits it, Ancelotti is getting closer to the Seleçao

“There is a big possibility that Ancelotti will come. What I have been told about him is that he is an exceptional trainer, that everyone in the group appreciates, he is a guy who has a very successful career, there is only looking at his resume. We will see in the near future whether he will be there or not. I hope we get a new coach soon, but I also feel some impatience, because there is too much speculation.”. assured the goalkeeper Manchester City at a press conference. The stage is set.

Deceived, Zidane will finally find a smile 24hfootnews.

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