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David Njoku shoots back at silly media take on social media


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PFF’s suggestion to cut the Browns tight end makes no sense

In the age of social media, everyone can have an opinion and share it with the world. Just because I think onions are disgusting, smelly and bad for your breath, doesn’t mean my opinion is worth being discussed. I can share it, as I just did, but it doesn’t have to get attention.

For professional athletes, that can sometimes be hard. Sometimes, athletes find fun in going back and forth with the media.

For the second time this year, Cleveland Browns TE David Njoku is doing just that. The first time, Njoku called’s Adam Rank to the carpet over his preseason rankings. Now, the Browns tight end, coming off a very good year, has connected Rank to PFF’s take about him being a cut candidate:

To be fair to PFF, the video is a very small clip of a discussion. You can watch the entire discussion here:

The idea that cutting Njoku is an option is laughable. Not only did he have his most receptions, yards and touchdowns last year, despite catching passes four different quarterbacks, but his contract is uncuttable.

Releasing Njoku now would actually cost the Browns over $9 million more on the salary cap than keeping him. They could make him a post-June 1st cut but they would only save $2 million this year then pay the rest of the salary cap hit next year and in the first void year of the contract after that.

Njoku may not be the top tight end in the league with over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns but last year showed he can be among the top 10. Releasing him AND making your salary cap situation worse is beyond silly.

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