Dave Bautista talks about a potential WWE return, advice he got from The Rock


dave batista

Dave Bautista sat down with WSVN Miami’s Chris Van Vliet to promote the Spectre movie. The film hits theaters this Friday. He says that he talked to The Rock before filming and he talked about advice that The Rock gave him. He says Rock told him not to get caught in quicksand because WWE is very controlling and he shouldn’t deviate from his plan.

Bautista talked about his last stint with WWE and not wanting to go back as a babyface. “I was constantly butting heads with creative.” He added, “I was promised things that weren’t delivered to me.” He said that he wanted to be a heel because he knew that people didn’t want to see him as a face. He said, “they tried to shove me down everybodys throats.” He said that the fans rebelled and towards the end people began reacting in a good way but that’s when he had to leave to fulfill his obligations with Marvel.

He said that he’d love to return because he loves WWE and he’ll always be appreciative for what they’ve done but they are really hard to deal with. He said that his passion is acting but if the opportunity comes up and if WWE is more flexible with creative then he’d come back. He said that he’s not asking for big money and he’d love to come back to do just house shows. Check out the interview below.


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