Daniil Medvedev slams Novak Djokovic US entry ban: I’m sure we all want him to play


Daniil Medvedev says Carlos Alcaraz is deservedly the world No 1 but the Russian also noted that it is unfortunate not to have Novak Djokovic at the opening two Masters of the year.

Djokovic, who reclaimed the top spot after winning the Australian Open, didn’t compete in Indian Wells and he is also out of Miami because he cannot enter the United States as an unvaccinated foreigner.

In Djokovic’s absence, Alcaraz won Indian Wells and replaced the Serb at the world No 1 spot.

After losing to Alcaraz in the Indian Wells final, Medvedev was asked whether the Spaniard was the true world No 1.

Medvedev: Djokovic’s absence is unfortunate but Alcaraz deserves to be here 

“Oh, yeah, 100% because it’s for sure unfortunate Novak cannot play all the tournaments, and I’m sure everyone would love to see him play, because it’s just good to see Novak play. He plays very good. If you get injured, I don’t know, Rafa is injured for some time. We also can say, well, if Rafa would not be injured he would be No. 1. Well, we cannot know because he’s injured. Same about Novak. For sure if he would be able to play last year and this year all the tournaments, there is a possibility that the rankings would be different. But, there shouldn’t be no ‘buts’. Carlos is deservedly World No. 1. He won more points than everybody else in last 52 weeks, and that’s how rankings work. Yeah, he was also year-end No. 1 last year, so that’s something I haven’t done, so I’ll try, for sure, in my career,” Medvedev said

Meanwhile, Medvedev climbed to No 5 in the world following his runner-up finish in Indian Wells.

After the Australian Open, Medvedev exited the top-10 in the world.

But since returning to action, Medvedev won three titles and lost one final. 

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