‘Daniil Medvedev didn’t like them for…’, says top analyst


Well, Daniil Medvedev is today, with the permission of Novak Djokovic, the fittest player on the entire ATP circuit. The 27-year-old Russian tennis player and current number 7 in the world, won his second title of the season and did so in consecutive weeks. First in Rotterdam and now in Doha. “It’s fantastic to make my first tournament appearance and come away with the title. It’s been a demanding week and I’m very pleased with my level of play. I feel that feeling of full confidence in my chances is back, which is the best news. In tennis, everything can change quickly and you have to take advantage of the moments in which you compete with that plus that winning matches gives you and feeling powerful. Now a new week is coming up and then I travel to the United States, I want to take advantage of the moment to win as many matches as possible because you never know when this confidence that I feel right now is going to vanish or reduce”, commented the former number one in the world after the win over Andy Murray. Regarding what he expects from the ATP 500 in Dubai, where he starts as one of the rivals to beat along with the Serbian Novak Djokovic, he indicated: “I haven’t looked at the draw because I didn’t do it in Rotterdam or Doha, so I’m going to Continue like this. I am aware that each game will be difficult and I will try to be at 100% physically, something that is vital for my aspirations since, if I don’t feel perfectly, anyone can beat me”.

Medvedev wasn’t happy with the ball 

American leading sports journalist Steve Flink thinks that Daniil Medvedev’s attitude was “good” during his Qatar Open title win. “What I liked most about him wasn’t just that he put back the brick wall on the back of the court and said ‘You are not getting anything out of my reach and I am giving you nothing’, but that he, his attitude was so good, it was no more this kinda looking over his coach, his wife and whining and complaining and acting like the victim,” Flink said. “He just got over that and he said after the final that he wasn’t happy with the balls, now this is not somebody who is complaining, he just won the title. But they changed the balls. He didn’t like them for whatever the reasons and yet obviously didn’t let that get into his way. It’s going to be interesting to follow him now that he has got himself back in kind of a winning mode,” he added.

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