Danhausen is injured and could be out of action for a long time


Danhausen revealed on Twitter tonight that he suffered a torn pectoral muscle at the AEW Revolution 2023 pay-per-view event that took place on March 5:

Danhausen competed in a four way tag team title match at Revolution; he fought alongside Orange Cassidy against The Gunns, The Acclaimed, and Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal.

I’m just speculating here, so take this with a huge grain of salt, but it looks to me like he was hurt on the final spot of the match, when The Gunns hit him with their finishing move before pinning him to retain the gold.

Here is the final sequence of the match, where Danhausen is extremely active and doesn’t appear to be injured. But then he comes up grabbing his right side upon taking the final bump of the match:

The clip ends a bit early there, so I went back to the event to watch the next few seconds. Danhausen continues clutching the right side of his body and gingerly rolls out of the ring. He stays there for a while discussing something with Orange Cassidy.

The amount of time Danhausen will be out of action for depends on the severity of the tear. A high-grade tear could put him on the sidelines for much of the remainder of 2023, just like what happened to Cody Rhodes in 2022.

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