Curt Hawkins on Baron Corbin & His 200th Loss , Mojo Rawley on Momentum, WWE NXT Star Turns 26


– This week’s WWE RAW in Houston saw Curt Hawkins take his 200th straight loss after losing to enhancement talent James Harden by disqualification, due to interference from Baron Corbin. The post-match segment saw Corbin leave Hawkins laying in a table full of taco ingredients.

Below is post-match video of Hawkins reacting to what happened. Hawkins says he tried to do something fun and he thought it was going to be a big night but that didn’t happen. Hawkins doesn’t know why Corbin has a problem with him but says it’s going to suck to be Corbin when he becomes the first guy to lose to Hawkins.

– WWE NXT Superstar Kona Reeves turns 26 years old today while ECW Original Mike Bucci (Nova, Simon Dean) turns 46.

– Mojo Rawley did not work this week’s RAW or the WWE Main Event tapings in Houston but he took to Twitter and wrote the following during the show:

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