CS:GO Aim Training: Improve Your Shots


In CS:GO aim training is about building muscle memory until you eventually can’t miss on the server. While playing in competitive matches can’t hurt, you probably won’t encounter enough players to substantially improve your aim.

We’re going to show how many of the best CS:GO players use aim training to rise through the ranks in CS:GO.

CS:GO aim training

What is CS:GO Aim Training?

CS:GO aim training is self-explanatory – it’s killing a constant stream of enemies to build up your accuracy in-game. Players often do this as a warm-up before playing competitive CS:GO games, while others will make it a long-term project, continuing to practice on a CS:GO aim training map over months to increase their rank.

Using a CS:GO aim training map is important. Unless you’re gifted with god-like aim, it can be the best way to make sure you’re actually consistently getting better. You can’t reach Global Elite with just aim training, however. You’ve got to ensure you’re practicing every element of your game, especially at higher ranks where utility use and positioning become more important than ever.

What is the Best CS:GO Aim Training Map?

Over the years, there has been an abundance of aim training maps claiming to help improve your skill. The issue with many of these maps is that they feature idle bots, which don’t accurately represent an in-game environment.

The best free option available to players is this map on the Steam Workshop. In this map, players stand on a platform in the center where they’re able to adjust a variety of settings. An endless line of bots moves toward the player, dodging like many opponents would in a real match. If the bots get too close, they’ll fall to their death and respawn. This means there’s no time pressure to defeat them. The platform is just big enough for players to move on, meaning players can simulate CS:GO spray patterns while in motion.

The other option for players is through a third-party CS:GO aim training application. Third-party aim trainers are often more in-depth than free options available to players, although they come at a cost. Refrag in particular is used by CS:GO Major winners such as Twistzz, FalleN, and rain. These third-party aim trainers will accurately simulate real in-game scenarios with a constant stream of bots attacking the player, played on actual competitive maps. These bots move around corners like real players, and will actually shoot back at the player. If you die, you instantly respawn in the same spot, so the flow of the practice is never interrupted. These maps can be quite intense, although there’s no better way to train your aim in CS:GO.

1v1 Maps

Another option available for players is community 1v1 maps. These maps are tiny arenas, with constant 1v1 battles lasting a few seconds maximum. They’re a solid option for warming up your aim, as you get the unpredictability of real players. Despite this, you’ll still have to wait for the other battles on the server to end before you move into the next one. Overall, we’d avoid this for training your aim long-term.

If you want to play a 1v1 map to train your aim, they can be found on the CS:GO community server browser.

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