CS2 Premier vs Competitive | Which mode is better?


In CS2, those wanting a competitive experience on the server have a few different options available to them. We’re going to take a look at CS2 Premier vs Competitive modes, to see which is best for the average player wanting to hop in for some action!

CS2 Premier Mode

It’s easy to forget, but Premier mode was actually a feature in CS:GO. But it was laborious to actually get into games, meaning most players just left it by the wayside. Now, Premier is a real competitor to FACEIT in CS2.

When looking at the CS2 Premier vs Competitive argument, it’s impossible to ignore Premier’s new ranking system. Players are now given a numerical ELO, a huge upgrade from the previous system of Silver – Global Elite. This then places players on a global leaderboard, so they can see exactly where they sit amongst their peers.

CS2 Premier vs Competitive

Credit: Daniel Morris

In CS2’s Premier mode, you don’t directly pick the exact map that you want to play. Instead, a veto is completed pre-match on both sides, with maps banned until one is decided to be played. This could be a positive or a negative, depending on your perspective. For us, we think it’s great the Premier occasionally forces players to play maps they might not usually go for. It helps players climb the CS2 ranks faster, as they become accustomed to everything the game has to offer.

Overall, you’re just likely to find a higher caliber of player on Premier vs Competitive in CS2. As you climb the ranks, it becomes a much more competitive queue, and you might find that you hit a ceiling fast.

Premier’s cheating problem in CS2

There is one drawback to Premier at the moment in CS2. In the higher ranks (we’re talking 20k ELO+), the mode has a serious cheating problem, with many games plagued by hackers of different varieties.

This has been the case since launch, and so far, Valve has made little attempt to fix the problem, leading many back to where they initially started: FACEIT. Let’s hope Valve gets its act together, to make Premier the, well, premier CS2 experience.

CS2 Competitive Mode

Despite the name, we wouldn’t necessarily say that Competitive mode is CS2’s best option for highly competitive matches. Back in CS:GO, it was the only viable option other than FACEIT, but now, when comparing CS2 Premier vs Competitive modes, it feels a little like an afterthought.

Valve’s “Rank-per-map” experiment was an interesting change, but it really hasn’t worked. Players aren’t playing enough Competitive to get a high rank on each map. This means great players are left in Silver and Gold Nova ranks, mixed in the pool with newer CS2 players. This predictably ends in a bloodbath, and only turns away those new players getting stomped.

CS2 Premier vs Competitive

Credit: Daniel Morris

Being able to pick a CS2 map to play at any time is a big reason to play Competitive vs Premier. Feel like a bit of Vertigo? Jump right in! Got some new strats to try against real players on Inferno? Go right ahead! The fact you can also play Dust II and Office is also a big win, with those two maps not available in Premier.

Even though Premier has an irritating cheating problem at the moment, overall, when looking at CS2 Premier vs Competitive, we’d still take it. Maybe if Competitive worked like CS:GO, with one unified rank across every map from Silver 1 to Global Elite, it could overtake Premier, but for now, there’s just not enough incentive to play it.

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