Cristiano Ronaldo back at Real Madrid, a crazy rumor arises!


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While Cristiano Ronaldo decided to opt for a golden exile a few months ago in Saudi Arabia, with the famous contract of 200 million euros per year over two and a half years which makes him the highest paid player in the world, the Catalan press has been questioning its Saudi future in a rather brutal way in recent hours.

The media El Nacional, last week, indeed mentioned a hasty departure from Saudi Arabia for CR7! The Portuguese star would find it difficult to adapt to his new challenge, particularly due to the language and the change in culture. To the point of already having in mind a departure from Al Nassr.

End of playing career for CR7? Very unlikely…

But the revelations do not stop there since El Nacional also evokes a nostalgic Cristiano Ronaldo of his life in Madrid where he evolved nine years. And who could make a comeback on the side of Real Madrid but not in a player role, rather as an ambassador or in the organization chart of the club. A rumor that seems far-fetched to say the least in view of the fabulous contract that CR7 has just signed, and his desire that seems to remain intact to continue playing football with in particular Euro 2024 in focus with Portugal.

To sum up

Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly considering a return to Real Madrid, but this time around in a different role. He could become an ambassador or join the club’s organization chart. Still, this rumor seems unlikely given his recent contract in Saudi Arabia and his desire to keep playing.

Cristiano Ronaldo back at Real Madrid, a crazy rumor arises! 24hfootnews.

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