Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, the real from the fake finally unraveled


Olympique de Marseille has finally communicated on the rumor which reported the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo with the vice-champions of France.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo is about to head off to Saudi Arabia for the final leg of his career. The fivefold Ballon d’Or will say goodbye to top-level football. A denouement which can give regret to the Olympian supporters. The latter had strongly believed in his signature during the previous off-season.

“OM destabilized by the Cristiano Ronaldo rumour”

But was Ronaldo really close to committing to Igor Tudor’s side? Basile Boli, ambassador of the club, had assured that yes in an interview with NW Sport TV: “He (Cristiano Ronaldo) was in talks with OM. I think he should have come to Marseille,” said the hero of the 1993 Champions League final.

The words of “Basilou” however engage only him. At no time had CR7 come close to reaching the Vélodrome. A club source has just assured Provence that this track is a pure invention of the supporters and that it has not necessarily done the club any good. Neither management nor club owner Frank McCourt thought of enlisting the Lusitanian star. And, in the end, it was they who had to suffer the wrath of the fans for the lies spouted by the “insiders”.

“(The rumours) This gives rise to hopes and, insofar as these are not satisfied, this can feed disappointments, it is indicated to the Commandery. If you are made to believe that Ronaldo at OM is possible when the leaders are not working on it, you will inevitably tend to be disappointed the day it does not happen. It creates frustration. We have swung into the era of belief. And this one weighs perhaps as much as the verified information. When this belief penetrates people so deeply, we can be destabilized. Sometimes the best way for a club to respond to what is rumored is precisely not to respond. »

Cristiano Ronaldo at OM, the real from the fake finally unraveled 24hfootnews.

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