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Cowboys mailbag: Questions on the Cowboys roster, the Chiefs roster and the draft


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Our latest mailbag features plenty of questions about the Dallas Cowboys.

Every week, we take questions on X (Twitter) and Facebook about Dallas Cowboys players and other issues surrounding the team. So let’s get right into it.

“What type of moves would you want the team to make during the offseason to make you believe they were “all in” for 2024?”

(Craig Sykes via Facebook)

Mike: Filling the areas of weakness like running back, offensive tackle and linebacker would tell me they are setting themselves up for success in the draft. If they filled those roster positions with players of a high standard, that tells me they are all in for winning the big one this season. They do not have to necessarily spend big on all three positions, but at least one to say they are taking the comment Jerry made seriously.

Brandon: It’s hard to answer that now, considering their current situation with the salary cap. A great start would be getting the Dak Prescott extension out of the way as soon as possible. That’s a big cloud hanging over the head of the Cowboys and their plans to attack free agency. Prescott’s new contract is the ball that needs to get rolling before they can think about what free agents they can afford to bring back, sign from other teams, and then what positions they need to attack in the draft.

If they can knock down Presoctt’s almost $60 million cap hit for 2024, that would help things move forward. Once the front office does that, re-signing key 2023 season contributors like Stephon Gilmore and Johnathan Hankins would help. I think if they were to bring in any notable free agent, it would be at the linebacker position, and that would make sense, given the lack of top-end talent available in the draft right now.

“With the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl and this being a copycat league, what should the Cowboy’s try to copy from the Chiefs roster?”

(Jacoby Wrenn via Facebook)

Mike: Apart from Travis Kelce, the Chiefs offense was lacking superstar firepower this year (obviously except for Patrick Mahomes). They will be taking a lot of skill position players in the draft and free agency this season without a doubt. No team wants to follow that plan, which includes Dallas. If the Cowboys should try and copy anything the Chiefs do into next season it should be finding a way to win when the lights are brightest. This Cowboys roster has proven they can win big, they have proven they can win multiple games and be division champions. But when the pressure is at its highest, this team has yet to prove itself. The Chiefs, on the other hand, have proven that when the game is on line while the stakes are at their highest, they can win. If the Cowboys can copy that mentality then that’s a deep playoff run coming up. But the question would be how do you teach a team to copy that?

Brandon: If they could copy anything from the Kansas City Chiefs season, it would be what they did to the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. Fortunately for the Cowboys, the only time they would play the Chiefs in 2024 would be the Super Bowl. However, for them to get there, they will have to get over the 49ers hump first.

For three seasons in a row, some of the most devastating losses have come at the hands of San Francisco in the regular season and postseason. The Chiefs’ defensive game plan showed that the Kyle Shanahan-led offense could be beaten when pressure constantly comes at Brock Purdy. Luckily for the Cowboys defense, new defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer is known for bringing exotic blitzes that confuse opposing quarterbacks. If the Dallas defense could copy that with the personnel they currently have, they could finally get over that hump and take themselves to a Super Bowl for the first time in almost 30 years.

“Linebacker, running back or offensive line with the Cowboy’s first pick (in the NFL draft)?”

(Jason Dave via Facebook)

Mike: Offensive line would be my choice. The talent at the top is far superior than the next group, plus keeping your quarterback upright is one of the most important jobs to get organized on any roster. Although offensive line talent is deep this year, I still think getting this position done first is the most important. Also the running back position this isn’t as top heavy as it has been in previous years and there’s certainly no Bijan Robinson in this draft class. Waiting for Day 2 to take a running back is the sweet spot for that position this season.

Brandon: As it sits today, the offensive line depth in the first draft round is too good to pass up. Most importantly, there aren’t many top-tier prospects you could find in the later rounds that would be better than what Dallas has in Matt Waletzko and Asim Richards.

If the team decides to move on from Tyron Smith, his replacement could just fall in the lap of the Cowboys at pick No. 24 without the need to move up. Here’s what I would do. I would re-sign Tyron Smith, trade down to the back end of the first round to pick up extra picks, and still draft a future starter with the belief Smith will miss at least five games in 2024 in which he will see significant snaps. If the first-round pick proves to be better than Tyron, then Smith becomes a reliable swing tackle, and the Cowboys move forward with the season.

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