Corey Graves and Carmella on Being Open with Sex, Graves Wants to Succeed Where Edge and Lita Failed


Corey Graves and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Carmella released their new “Corey & Carmella” YouTube series on the WWE channel today.

Graves noted on the recent WWE After The Bell episode with Carmella that he wants to succeed where WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Lita failed in their infamous “live sex celebration” on RAW in 2006.

“I know what my goal is,” Graves explained. “My goal is to succeed where Edge and Lita failed. That’s just personally, that has nothing to do with anything of consequence.”

They also discussed sex and how they wanted to be open about it in 2022.

“We [he and Carmella] had a discussion, god, two years ago. We were sitting by the pool I remember, and we were discussing like, ‘hey, what would we do after WWE, or if WWE wasn’t around?’” Graves said. “We talked about something that was actually very important to us and talk about it probably a little too much on Bare With Us, is the sexuality aspect and how there’s still a stigma. People are ashamed to explore that aspect of their lives or their relationships.

“It’s 2022. Last night we were sitting watching a documentary about the Pam & Tommy thing, and what a mess that was, and how it genuinely shifted the world. But, Pamela Anderson didn’t do anything wrong. She had sex with her husband and they filmed it, but it genuinely, like, affected society. There’s been a ripple effect to this very day.”

Carmella added her own words to Graves’ comments by insisting that people should be much more open about their sexuality.

“The thing that happened was Tommy Lee, no issues, they high-fived him ‘you’re cool’,” Carmella said. “But Pam, she was looked at in such a negative light, and that’s how it always is with women. That’s what we’re trying with our podcast. Yes, we talk about these things, I talk about these probably more than Corey. I joke around about it all the time. And people are like, ‘oh my gosh, she’s a freak.’

“It’s like, no, people talk about it, but nobody talks about it publically. So let’s put that out there and normalize it and let it be OK. You can still talk about these things and still be classy, still be from a good family and still be successful and do things with your life. It doesn’t mean that you can be one or the other. You don’t have to fit in just one box.”

Stay tuned for more.

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