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Cora Jade Reveals Her Big Goal for the Next Year In WWE NXT


WWE NXT Superstar Cora Jade recently spoke with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and talked about her goals in pro wrestling.

Jade recently discussed her two years with WWE as she approaches the milestone. She was asked about her goals in WWE, and what are some of the goals she has envisioned for herself over the next year or so as she competes in NXT and elsewhere in WWE.

“I feel like I have a very big list of goals,” Jade said. “Like growing up I had notebooks full of bucket list things I wanted, you know, all the typical things you know, be in the game, have a documentary, have merch, like wrestle at WrestleMania, all those typical things I feel are just very obvious, but my number one main goal I feel in the next year, is definitely becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion.”

Jade elaborated and said she feels ready for the NXT Women’s Title, and no matter what happens with Roxanne Perez, she plans on winning the strap.

“I feel like I have gotten so close so many times and you know, maybe it just wasn’t my time all those other times,” she said. “But I’m feeling very confident and I’m feeling very ready and I feel like I have my eyes set on that championship. So no matter what happens with Roxanne Perez, in the future I will plan on being the next NXT Women’s Champion.”

The interview was recorded before Jade came up short against Perez in the Weapons Wild match at NXT Halloween Havoc this past Saturday. NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose retained her title over Alba Fyre at the same event.

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