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Cora Jade on WWE NXT Working with the Main Roster Brands, Her RAW Experience, More


WWE NXT Superstar Cora Jade recently spoke with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and said she’s all for the crossover between NXT, RAW and SmackDown. She also commented on a potential call-up.

Jade recently appeared on RAW with Rhea Ripley to setup last Tuesday’s “Pick Your Poison” match between Ripley and Roxanne Perez. Jade would go on to lose a Weapons Wild bout to Perez at NXT Halloween Havoc this past Saturday night. Jade was asked about being at RAW, and the recent main roster influence on NXT with different talents appearing on Tuesday nights more, and how that trickles down to talents like Jade who are still finding their ways.

“Yeah, I think lately they’ve been, it’s been a lot of you know, mixing all three brands and I think that’s great,” Jade said. “Like, I feel like if I was still watching as a fan, which I still am even though I work here, I still watch like as a fan. But even especially before all this I would have, as a fan, I would have loved to see all this, like all the mix ins and like, it’s just a very exciting time.

“And not only is it exciting for the fans, it’s good for people like myself and other younger talent here at the PC to be able to have those opportunities to work with people who you know, are on RAW and SmackDown, have been doing this longer than us because it’s all a learning process and you never, never stop learning. And especially, you know, like you mentioned I worked with Raquel and Rhea and those are two people who I look up to and they have a wealth of knowledge and they’re very helpful. But yeah, I think in general, it’s exciting. It’s exciting to watch. It’s exciting to be a part of. But yeah, just being able to learn from those people is definitely a great experience and I hope, hope it continues to happen.”

Jade was also asked how the RAW experience gets her excited about finding her way to the main roster down the line. The interview was recorded before the Halloween Havoc loss.

“I feel like obviously being there I learned a lot and I got to see a lot and you know, just watch everybody that’s there,” Jade said. “But just being able to be there and then come back to NXT the next day. It’s very motivating for where you know, I want to be in the future, just to be in that environment around those people and just see how hard they all work and how it works up there is very motivating and inspiring and it just kind of lights a fire under me and makes me not only want to do better every single day but obviously put on the best match of my life on Saturday and just having in the back of my mind that that’s the goal to get there with everybody. So it was very cool to have that taste of it on Monday as just another little reminder of what you worked for.”

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