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Cora Jade on Which WWE Coaches She Leans On and Why, Her Two Years with WWE, More


WWE NXT Superstar Cora Jade recently spoke with PWInsider’s Mike Johnson and said her two years with WWE has been a crazy ride.

January 2023 will mark two years since Jade signed with WWE. She was asked how two years of the WWE Performance Center has helped her grow as a person and a performer, and what it has been like having that life experience over the past few years working for WWE and training full-time for the company. Jade commented on how WWE Hall of Famer & Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels is always there to help out.

“2021 of January was when I did the Dusty Classic and then I technically started at the PC that following month in February. So it’s definitely been a crazy ride,” Jade said. “Obviously I grew up as a fan – a lot of people know my story. Anytime I would like, come to Florida, I always wanted to come by the PC and just see because I knew like, I wanted to be here so bad and like to grow up as a fan it’s definitely crazy and being an RAW was absolutely incredible getting to obviously pick Rhea Ripley as my poison for Roxanne Perez, and then getting to work with Raquel again the next day. Obviously we have a bit of a past. I got to work with her side by side and you know, standing across the ring from her as well. I just learned a lot from her in all those aspects.

“Same as everybody here at the PC, like getting to work with Shawn Michaels every day who’s somebody I, you know, one of the first people I ever saw wrestle, kind of got me into wrestling, is definitely great to be able to just walk in every day and I know if I have a question that he’s there to answer it and help me out. So it’s definitely crazy to be able to be on the other side of things as opposed to when I was a fan.”

Jade was also asked about working with the WWE Performance Center Coaches, from Michaels to Matt Bloom, Terry Taylor, Norman Smiley, and others. She was asked if there’s one coach that she leans on the most and what the process is like, and what it’s like approaching some of these coaches.

“The great thing about the PC is that every coach has like their own little thing that they’re best at,” Jade said. “Like for example, if I, sometimes I struggle with you know, I want to learn some new submissions or work on my chain wrestling. I know that I can always go to Norman Smiley and he’s like the God of chain wrestling. He always knows how to help me. Another one is Sara Amato. I feel like I connect with her the most. I feel she’s just one of, if not the best female wrestler of all time, and she’s just incredible. She helps me constantly, whether it’s ideas or why something does or doesn’t make sense. So she’s incredible. I owe so much to her and would not be at the level I’m getting to without her. So to be able to work with her constantly is great.

“Another one I love working with is Johnny Moss. He was over at NXT UK. He’s incredible. He always, you know, is very open to ideas, will always wants to hear, you know, my creative side of things, how I feel things would look the best. Just anything like that. He’s very open to helping me share my ideas, but that’s the same with everybody here. I feel everybody just, no matter what you need, you have somebody to turn to for it. And you know Terry Taylor, his psychology, knowledge and you know he’s done everything in the business, he knows it all in and out. So like anytime you have any type of a question, doesn’t matter what it is, you can go to Terry and he has the answer and he’s hilarious. I love him.”

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