Compromising photos and videos of Paige are leaked


Paige is the latest celebrity in a week that’s been targetted by online hackers, who previously posted several controversial pictures and videos of, Harry Potter actress, Emma Watson and renowned Hollywood superstar Amanda Seyfried. Paige’s leaked photographs and videos made their way to numerous file hosting sites within the span of just a few hours, making her a trending topic on Twitter.

While most of Paige’s fans were outraged by the leaked pictures and videos, several internet users used the opportunity to make memes and jokes about her predicament. She did receive solidarity from a vast majority of her supporters, including her very own mother.

There was speculation about whether Paige would be let go after the controversy, but users said that WWE would be hypocritical in doing so considering Tom Phillips and Seth Rollins got a free pass when their photographs had leaked on the internet. #IstandwithPaige was a hashtag that trended among those who were on Paige’s side after the controversy.

The support for Paige will continue.

All eyes are on the WWE right now to see how the company handles the situation. Paige is not the only WWE superstar incriminated in this scandal (New Day member Xavier Woods is part of a video too) and we are anxious to see how this whole scenario plays out. While Paige is not part of on-screen storylines in the company at this time, she is still signed to WWE as we speak.

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