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Cody Rhodes Shares AEW Memorabilia He Kept To Motivate Himself


Cody Rhodes made his spectacular comeback to the WWE at WrestleMania 38.

Rhodes’ journey from AEW had started back in 2018 with the All In event on September 1st, and this came following his departure from AEW. Rhodes and the Young Bucks promoted the pay-per-view in collaboration with Ring of Honor.

Due to the event’s success, Rhodes and the Young Bucks joined Tony Khan and Kenny Omega to form All Elite Wrestling in January 2019.  Rhodes held the position of executive vice president for the duration of his employment at AEW, and he hasn’t forgotten it.

Rhodes shared that he continues to use a moment from AEW history as inspiration in a post to his Instagram Stories as he displayed a backstage pass for All In that is hanging in his van in the post.

“Hanging in my truck. Everyday on the way to PT, a nice little reminder to shoot for the furthest goals and to dream bigger every day.”

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